Moving the players around during Mock Draft time can be daunting if you’re truly thinking about the actual needs of the team. This year is heavy in QB and RB but not so much at WR. Is that going to sway the picks? Probably so, especially for big body receiver needs such as the Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears,  and the Carolina Panthers. With Free Agency not officially beginning as of yet, we will need to evaluate and track these trades as they happen, so that we can see how needs will be adjusted in the Draft itself. Lastly, off the field issues will begin to rear its ugly head before the official draft date I’m sure.

For now, I am simply playing with the QB’s and first overall pick to liken how the shift will affect the majority of teams.

Personally, I think there will be some trading up going on this year, but not near as much as there was for the 2017 season.

What do you think of my draft projections?