Everyone has to start somewhere. We have an entire database of NFL player, team, and coaching data covering several seasons. Our mission is to make Fantasy Football stats available to even the entry level guys and gals for a not so large investment.


Things move in the NFL at the speed of light. Keep an edge on all your Fantasy data by playing a year-long game. A monthly fee allows you complete access to owning and operating your own franchise with an available salary cap to hire your coaching staff and employ a 53 man roster, complete with offense, defense, and special teams.


Stay in charge of your fantasy lineups in a new way.

Because I play Fantasy Football…

I feel your pain when you have to be at your real job when you would much rather be hitting those fantasy stats. We have compiled the data for you to map in any secret winning formula you can muster up. Having to keep up with all 32 teams can be a daunting task. And that is where Draft Queens has your back and your front. Access to a Data Lake is a huge chunk of field advantage in the right direction for a playoff fantasy run.

Is it me? Or is the Off-season JUST as exciting

There are lots of changes being made to teams and coaching staffs during the off-season. If you tune it all out, you will be at a noticeable disadvantage at the start of the following season. So why turn off your fantasy vibe at all? Keep it going all year by making coaching changes, and choosing draft prospects just like a real owner.


Next Steps…

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