Everything is big in Texas. Passion for its football teams is no different. America’s team is housed there in Dallas, and the Texans are home in Houston. Dallas hasn’t been on the winning side in a long time, but 2016, excited Cowboy’s fan’s everywhere; the whole NFL was electrified with an offense commanded by two rookies who ran over the league. Dak Prescott was a 4th Round pick at #135 overall. He dropped in the draft due to some off-field issues, and the rest is already in the history books how Dak has claimed the offense as his own by remaining cool in the pocket and rallying the troops to work harder and re-kindling Cowboy’s nation.

Houston paints a polar opposite picture. Where the Texans paid exponential amounts of money to a backup QB from the Broncos. The main thing going for him is that he sat behind Peyton Manning himself. He had no poise, no command in the pocket, no leadership … hell, no talent. The 2016, season broke Brock Osweiler mentally and brought him to his knees in front of millions during the New England game. Rightly so, the head coach Bill O’Brien benched a defeated Osweiler and the crowd cheered the Texans offense for the first time that season. It was then I said to my husband, “OH MY GOD! Dude, Deshaun Watson can take over Houston’s QB RIGHT NOW and be the guy they need!”

Can Texas hit gold twice with a QB wearing number 4?

After the 2016, season, it was obvious the culture is Houston needed to change. The leadership and the QB were not seeing eye to eye, even when the voice in the helmet tells you exactly what to do. Savage admitted to some uneasy tension and an amped up “hostage” situation between Brock and Bill about him having to play due to a possible concussion with Savage.

When your team is down and there seems to be no logical way out, you pray to the Football Gods for a momentum change. Rarely, is it granted. In Houston’s case, the Football God’s saw it fit to bestow the demigod of the NCAA to the QB position. Deshaun Watson’s own college coach called him the “Michael Jordan of football,” when referring to his natural ability and the air of greatness surrounding him. Being a mix of god and human, the demigod’s often had fatal flaw’s, Achilles his heel, Hercules his lack of emotional control, and Deshaun his interceptions and accuracy, but the fact still remains that the momentum is with this kid and betting against him makes you look like a fool. Not him. He always seems to come out on top. And even marching through the battlefield of adversity, he comes out unscathed. His superpower lies is Making you believe in him, simply by out studying and outperforming the competition.

He is the one game-changing element that the Texans need to complete their offense and bring the team to be a Super Bowl contender. Which Rick Smith, the GM, has yet to do. Who knows exactly what Smith saw in Deshaun. One thing I’m willing to bet is he saw a winner. From earning a starting QB spot as a freshman in High School and leading the Gainesville Red Elephants to a championship. To becoming a national pick. Everyone wanted this contender heading their lineup. From Auburn, USC, and many other D1 schools. Clemson is where he chose, due to its history with his hometown. A TE by the name of Jerome Williams, who was never drafted into the league, was also from the same strip of land Watson called home. Not only was Clemson his choice, but it was where he was needed the most. At the time Tajh Boyd was slinging rockets to DeAndre Hopkins (who is also now a Texan), however, he never led the team to a National Championship. When Watson stepped in as a freshman and obliterated the Clemson record books going 32-3 as a starter, consecutive National Championship appearances (the later of which he won against the end all be all of College Football, Alabama), two-time Heisman Finalist (though he was snubbed both times leaving him in company of Football Legends like Joe Montana), two-time Davey O’Brien and two-time Manning Award recipient, 3rd in ACC history in total Offensive yards of 12,094, behind that of Philip Rivers (now starting QB of the Los Angeles Chargers), he is also a 4th Quarter Clutch QB where he has 16 of 90 total touchdown’s and only 2 interceptions

If the kid was going to the NFL with all his resume highlights and momentum pushing behind him, going to the Texans was the logical choice. With as many teams needing a QB for possible day one impact, Browns lack offensive strength and all five of their QB’s hit the ground a whole helluva lot, the Jets … need I say more, the Bears are going downhill with no brakes, the 49ers are in a rebuild on both sides of the ball (while I do feel Watson would be a great fit for Kyle Shannahan’s offense) it still is no complete team. Then there are the Texans, and there is no one else in this draft class that could fill that ten-gallon hat but Deshaun Watson.

Anyone can say they want to be the greatest ever. I take pride in it.

If you’re around me long enough and watch me work, that’s what I’m

striving for. I won’t stop until I am.” –Deshaun Watson

Where I feel the Texans have messed up in the QB position previously, they made right in choosing Deshaun Watson. With Brock, I feel they threw a lot of money to motivate him to become the QB they were looking for. And let’s face it, Brock never had the work ethic of a successful NFL QB. More than anything Deshaun Watson wants to see his team win. That can mean on the field, but it also includes those he is surrounded by. His family, friends, actual teammates and coaches. He also carries on his shoulders an entire neighborhood riddled with New Jack City’s victims, pimps, players, cons, and thieves. Having lived there myself for a short period of time. I could have in fact, walked right passed Watson and didn’t even know it. Though I had the pleasure of meeting his Uncle, Terry, who congratulated me for settling down my now husband, Tyrone. All this to say 815 is where he grew up. Everyone knows him, personally there. They even renamed a street after him. He himself has said, “Everyone has had a hand in making me who I am today, and they (815) are all living this experience through me.” Though some lifelong Falcon’s fans may find it conflicting to route for the Texans, thankfully they are in another conference altogether.

Though he can be a day 1 starter in my books, as fate would have it, I’m going to predict that by the third real season game, facing NE, Savage will be benched with injury and Watson will then take over the starting spot. Watson has worked to prove everything he has accomplished and continues to see room for improvement in himself. He impressed not only Houston but also Jon Gruden at the Combine. More importantly, he is on target to be this generations TB12, and the Texans (like I said) got them a winner.